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Business Trajectory Business Trajectory

Increasing, revitalizing, and spreading those special moments.

1. Increasing those special moments.

In order to provide special moments our customers can enjoy even more, we developed Meccha Comics, Japan's largest e-book provider.
We released Meccha Comics as a pioneering smart-phone targeted service, worked every day on the design so as to improve the user experience, and have become actively engaged in the development of original comics we're sure our customers will love.

2. Keeping special moments fresh.

In order to provide ever-new special moments for our customers, we are always contributing to the development and release of social and casual games, and we readily support the creation of User Generated Content.

It's also worth mentioning that our services aren't only limited to entertainment; we're also committed to providing special moments in other areas, such as information and community.

3. Spreading those special moments.

In order to spread special moments as widely as possible, we are working hard to develop our global business reach.
We are steadily improving our presence in the growing overseas market by localizing Japanese comics and games for foreign audiences.

At the moment, most of our services are targeted at those in their 20s and 30s, but we're also developing services targeted at other demographics. We never cease thinking about new ways to provide special moments to an ever-widening audience.