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Mission statement Mission Statement

Using the power of unique ideas and the latest technology, it is our mission to create useful services that slot effortlessly into the lives of our customers and help bring small, special moments to their everyday lives.

There is just so much to get done in a single day - meals, jobs, housework, study, leisure activities, and then, if we have kids, all of the extra tasks that they bring. Oh, and don't forget sleep. Then, if we take all of that away from the meager 24 hours each day has to offer, we're left with that precious, most sought-after thing of all: me-time - the time we have to use completely at our own discretion.

At Amutus, our mission is to ensure that people's 'me time' is as special for them as it can possibly be.
Our ability to do this rests on what it is that we do best: original ideas and cutting-edge technology.

By constantly anticipating future developments, we aim to continue providing amazing services that can be used whenever and wherever; services that are loved by people around the world, and that help turn people's 'me-time' into small 'special moments.'

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