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Action Plan Action Plan

The Seven Facts

1. Everything begins with the customer.

At Amutus, all of our thinking is focused on our customers.
We never stop putting our customers first, and make continual efforts to earn their trust and maintain their satisfaction.
We see our success at any particular time as a measure of how well we are managing to do this.

2. We are always pursuing customer security and peace of mind.

The special moments that we offer to our customers can only happen if their safety and peace of mind has been established. Whether it's how we protect and manage our customer's data, or how we handle financial transactions, we always endeavor to achieve the highest possible levels of security and peace of mind.

3. We never fear a challenge.

We are interested in absolutely everything here at Amutus, and we are constantly investigating new possibilities.
And when we find a new challenge, we never shy away.
Even if we don't get the results we're looking for immediately, we won't give up.
We do, however, try to cultivate the ability to make successful judgments, and to be big enough to admit when things haven't quite gone to plan.

4. We do things fast, but with dedication.

In the business we're in, speed is key. There's nothing at all to be gained by falling behind the pack. That's why we always do our best to eliminate unnecessary hurdles.
Our commitment to winning the satisfaction and trust of our customers, however, is unshakeable.

5. Teamwork is important. Very important.

If the great services we offer are the seeds, then they can only grow on the nutritious, soily bed of excellent teamwork that we've created here at Amutus.
Taking into account the opinions of all our team members and partners, we aim for cooperation without compromises, and, through consultation of expert advice, move toward our goal as one.

6. We remain a unique sort of organization.

Here at Amutus, 'uniqueness' and all that it stands for is one of our favorite things. We believe that a company can only grow and mature when it's made up of unique individuals, so we do our best to recruit real, unique people. Special people. We then take the time to train them to be the best that they can be, so you can understand why we strive to keep a hold of all our staff members. It's all part of our determination to remain a unique sort of company.

7. We remain on the right side of the law.

In order to enjoy one's job as a member of a company, you need to do what's right.
Because we're serious about the pursuit of fun, we make sure that, while we're always striving for creative solutions, we're also very careful to remain on the right side of the law and act justly.